Nick Simpson Industrial Design Portfolio


b. 1986, HK.


Throughout my life I have always been fascinated by difficult problems. Particularly problems that span multiple disciplines and involve creativity, ingenuity and resourcefulness. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors doing activities such as skiing, fishing, cycling, swimming and photography. I can often be found planning my next adventure, working on a new idea or enjoying a cup of tea.

During university I worked on very diverse projects, from a roll-up first aid kit to a collapsable kicksled. Along the way I honed old skills such as woodworking and learned new ones such as surface modelling. After third year I completed a one year internship at Studio 63 in Ottawa. I was fortunate to work on many projects ranging in diversity but specialized in automotive, high-end audio and sporting gear design.

During my internship I re-designed the company website, communicated with clients, led projects and helped train other interns. I was tasked with creating concepts, presentation material, high & low fidelity prototypes, product testing, 3D models ready for manufacturing, cmf renderings & final renderings and social media content. Some of my completed projects can be found here.

As fourth year comes to a close I am looking to start my career. If you’re looking for a designer with a passion for solving problems and a diverse skill set, please get in touch with me below.